Dance Studio - East Aurora


Ms. Ally was the first teacher I had who exposed me to the beauty of modern dance. I learned so much from her and she helped prepare me for the college audition experience. She often came to support me in my performances at UB and continues to be an inspiration to me as I pursue my professional dance career in NYC. 


 I started ballet lessons with Ms. Ally in 2015. Since then, she has been influential and supportive to me not only as a dancer, but as a person. She is constantly challenging me with new skills and expanding my dance abilities. She is always there when you need someone to talk to. It is clear that Ms. Ally wants the best for her dancers and their happiness. - IZZY DUELL 

I danced with Ms. Ally for multiple years and was blessed to have her as my teacher in private lessons. Her kind, clear, and creative teaching style encourages her students to advance their dance technique in a positive and supportive environment. However, the most important quality Ms. Ally brought to the classroom was not her dance technique. It was her genuine care for her students’ well-being and happiness. She is incredibly in-tune with her students’ needs, which fosters a safe environment for true artistic expression. I felt so comfortable being ME when I was with Ms. Ally. 


Ms. Ally is everything you could ever want in a dance teacher! I've been her student for 6 years now, and I know I wouldn't be the dancer, nor person, I am today without her. Her teaching style allows every dancer to flourish in artistry and grow in their love for dance while continually being inspired. I highly recommend coming to dance at Still Dancing Studio of Ballet if you're looking for the perfect place! - MADISON FORCIER

Ms. Ally's classes are rich and thorough. She challenges her students to take risks, knowing full well that this is where growth resides. She encourages her students to recognize and appreciate themselves, and all that our bodies can offer us as movers. Mindfully crafted and somatically fulfilling, her classes not only prepare the body for healthy development, but inspire creation, ownership, and agency within each mover. 


 In all my years of dance, Ms. Ally was one of the most influential teachers. With a unique and creative style that challenged her dancers, Ms. Ally was encouraging and helpful through the entire process.